Why Anti - Blue Light Screen Protectors is an investment worth every penny ?


With working/learning from home being the new normal, there is no running away from screens. And while they do have their perks, they also make us (and our kids) susceptible to increased digital eye strain, also known as Computer vision syndrome. 

“Eye strain in and of itself will not cause permanent damage – there’s no long-term lasting effects from eye strain,” said Dr. Samuel Pierce, president of the American Optometric Association. “It typically goes away when you stop the activities that are creating the eye strain.”

But the truth is, we are addicted to screens. 

According to The Vision Council – a group of eye care professionals who promote the importance of vision health – 

  • 80%of American adults are spending over two hours on a digital device a day with 67% using two or more devices at the same time.
  • Last year, contact lens provider Acuvue found that the average office worker spends

1,700 hours a year in front of a screen. 

Hence, the growing awareness around blue light and eye health. From Anti-Blue glasses (link) to phones including special screen modes, technology is being used to curb digital eye strain considerably. 

One such emerging product which considerably reduces the side effects of blue light and protects your eyes is an Anti-Blue light screen protector.

Wanna know how and why investing in them would be worth every penny. Read on - 

  • Ultimate Eye Protectors - Electronics like phones use LED or OLED panels that emit light in this range to help brightness and improve clarity, but it can also reach the rear of the retina. Blue light filtering screen protectors use a special coating that blocks light in the 380-500 nanometer range which effectively prevents eyes against several conditions such as - myopia, visual fatigue and dry eye.
  • Screen Superheroes - While these tempered glass protectors are extremely sensitive to touch and shield the screens from regular falls, they also make them anti-glare, anti- fingerprint, giving you improved, clearer visuals - All this while blocking away the blue light. Aren't these blue light screen protectors the real superheroes.
  • No more Insomnia - Blue light is naturally produced by the sun. Increased exposure to artificial blue light emanating from our phones and computers, interferes with melatonin production, a hormone which helps us sleep, which can cause disorientation and insomnia. These Anti-Blue screen protectors block the blue light so that even after that long late night scrolling session, you can sleep like a baby. 

Check out our range of Anti-Blue light screen protectors and get one for your gadgets today. Because looking at screens should be easy on the eyes.