How to measure your eyeglasses frame size ?

How to measure your eyeglasses frame size ?

Gone are the days when you could just casually walk in the store, try on several pairs of glasses, choose the one that looked good, had a snug fit and pay and the world looked clearer, brighter. 

It is a digital world we are living in. Everything is just a click away. But before paying for that cart of eye-wear , make sure you have understood two super important factors - Your face type & the frame size

Here is your guide to eyeglasses frame measurement - 

  1. The frame width -  One of the most important dimensions, you can't get this wrong. It refers to the entire horizontal front of the frame and is measured from the furthest extended points on the side.
  2. The lens height - Measured vertically at its tallest points, it is the height of the lenses. For bi-focal/progressive lenses, the lens height should be minimum 30mm.
  3. The bridge - the part that goes across the bridge of the nose (that is where it gets its name from). To get it right, measure it from the edge of one lens to another.
  4. The temple arms -The temple arms are made of two parts - the top half and the bend. To get it right, start from the hinge (the part that connects the front of the eyewear and the temple arms) and go till the spot where the arms begin to bend. Now from this top bend, measure till the bottom tip. Add these and Voila ! Your temple arm measurement is done. 
  5. The lens width - The lens width is similar to lens height but horizontally. Doctors also call it the “eye size”.  Make sure to measure the length at its widest point. 

Helpful hints - 

  • If you already have a pair of glasses that fits you really well, you can measure its dimensions and there you go - your perfect measurements.
  • You can measure the dimensions using a ruler or cloth measuring tape.
  • You have a leeway of about 2mm on each measurement.
  • Most of the frames, measurements are printed on the temple arm. If the numbers are 54-18-140, your frame dimensions are - 54 mm lens width, 18 mm bridge width, 140 mm temple arm length.

Now that you know your way around frame measurements, browse through our wide range of glasses and find that perfect pair of glasses.

Happy Shopping.